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After 10 million years another entry...

its 2011. I had to sum up what happened to me in the past years...

2009 - started 2nd year, end up fine. my current obsession that time is KPOP. All year long, I focused on KPOP. getting to know the artists, learning hangul... etc.. but then, something is tad odd.. it was different. very much.

2010 - I got a bit tired of all the fan club fights and went back to my life-long obsession, anime. it took me like, 4 people to make me realize that the real deal is on anime. (because i know that whatever happens, my other obsession is just a phase. ANIME, JAPAN will always be my TOP obsession. I got to be involved on COSPLAYing. I do cosplay photography every now and then. It makes me happy seeing these people trying to be their favorite character, getting in touch with their anime selves. Also getting as fanatic as I can be with Final Fantasy. :D

Resolution? I don't have one.. i think. But most probably, I'd involve myself on more anime-related stuff. Japan... aand mostly saving. I will also do my portfolio now (i had to, since its gonna be needed for my thesis.. Hope to have fun this year. :D

ELF Philippines presents Haengbok

A celebration of culture, friendship, language and music
ELF Philippnes
Other - Festival
Saturday, November 14, 2009
Century Resort Hotel
Event Description
ELF Philippines in cooperation with "The Korea Town Pampanga" is celebrating "Philippines — South Korea Friendship Year" on Saturday, November 14, 2009 at Century Resort Hotel in Angeles City, Pampanga at 10:00 a.m. 
Those who have submitted membership registration forms from the past gatherings of ELF Philippines are being encouraged to attend the event and witness what the administrators have worked hard for from the past twelve months. Exciting surprises are in-store for the members and membership cards are ready to be distributed.
For more details visit: http://www.elfphilippines.org/happiness.htm

Unexpected [Chapter 1]

Disclaimer: I do NOT own DBSK or any other SM Ent. Talents..
I only OWN Kim Hyo Wook. okay?

 Chapter 1: THE Guests


Where should I start?

Oh yeah.

It was the summer break when I decided to go out and cherish vacation. That’s for sure. It was 10:00 am when I decided to get ready for my day out. I called my friend Park Joonha to accompany me to the mall; to charge for my 5 month torment in school.


“Ne, Joonha. Let’s go to MOA. I definitely want to buy that tarpaulin. If I’m going to encounter another 5 months of torture and stress, I want to have an inspiration.”

My friend Joonha gave me a chuckle. It is too much for her but what CAN she do.

“Okay, we’re going to MOA… Race you there!”

With that, we both hang up. I took all the necessities and I went out.





“Where is JOONHA?!”

I impatiently tapped my fingers to the table I’m at. I scanned the whole food court and I haven’t seen her or her shadow. Sigh.

I scanned the place again, wanting to see an unfamiliar view and I did. There are some Koreans scattered at the food court. I can see them clearly. One had auburn long hair, absolutely hot for my type but I careless, the other one had platinum blonde hair and I can’t figure out if that is a he or a she. Doesn’t matter; the others have normal hair color of black with different lengths. There are 5 of them. 5 well built Koreans.


I snapped out. It was Joonha. I greeted her and she greeted back. Now, for the menu. Joonha chose ramen. She got too used to Korean spicy food so there, we tried Japanese food again.


“Ei. Do you have any idea when will Rain come here?”


I shook my head. After the “Full house” drama, I care less of anything about Korea. She sat opposite me, blocking good scenery of handsome Koreans in my view. We ate in silence. After that, we went shopping. This will be the last shopping spree that I will do before school starts tomorrow.


With that, I went home. My mom is not yet there but there’s a note.

Kim, be sure to clean the room. Your father has some guests tomorrow night. Be sure to put everything in order. These guests are the most important guest of all time.


P.S.  Cook something native. No lasagna, no pizza, no sashimi and definitely no Jjiampong!


Love, Mom”


Oh yeah, did I say that Hyowook was my Korean name? I am really a Filipino with the name Kim. It’s funny when I combine my real name and my Korean name. I’m always mistaken as a Korean or something. Well, okay. I should clean for those guests!

Before going to bed, I tried putting things into order, as what my mom ordered. A Virgo for a mother means everything is organized in the way she wanted it to be organized. I cleaned myself and drifted off to sleep.

The next day


I went on my daily route, trying to go to school in a very silent manner. When I’m with Joonha, I just burst like a bomb. She’s my trigger, I love her anyways. I got to the school and saw Joonha (Early as ever) and waved at her.

She waved back lazily, but I can’t blame her, I dragged her with me at the mall. That’s something to be lazy about. Anyways, I ask her our schedules and we matched. Everything matches. I love this high school.

We entered the building and went to our respective classes. We entered and saw few of the original classmates we had. I’m so lucky I have Joonha with me. God loves me! We met our teacher and because of the excitement, I nearly recited everything that she wanted us to say. This is the result of going to the mall.

After a long session of class, I started packing my things and waited for Joonha.

Oh wait. I think I forgot something...


I forgot to cook for the guests! I’m so going to die now. Joonha came just in time and I dragged her out of the building. It is a make or break thing for me.  Should go home early today!

After an hour drive back home, I put out the ingredients, washed my hands, and I’m ready to cook. The last question is… What’s cooking?

I tried to think but thinking will waste of time so yeah! Let’s cook Sinigang! It is one of the simplest foods I can cook.

I gathered all the ingredients and after a few minutes, the viand is cooked. I heard the doorbell and well… the guests are here.

One is about a foot taller than me and one looks like a person not older than my dad. My parents came with them when they got in.

“Mr. Lee Soo-man, Mr. Shin Tae-young, meet my daughter, Kim. Kim, they are the head of SM Entertainment in Korea. Have you heard of that?” My mother asked. SM Entertainment? Isn’t that where BoA became a talent?


I nodded. Mr. Soo-man smiled to me and asked my dad if he can show him around. My dad agreed. Oh. Wait, Did I tell you guys that my father owns 12 condo units in this building? I guess I didn’t. Anyways, my father showed him several units and while they’re there, my mom and I prepared the dinner.


“I hope Mr. Soo-man agree to let his talents live here while they are doing a project.”


I glanced at my mom. It seems like she’s the one excited about this and not my dad. What kind of talents do they have except for BoA? Sure, BoA is extremely talented and all but, what else is there?

“They have a new group. It’s called DBSK. I think they are the ones who will live here with us.”


“Live here? With us? When did you guys plan all this? Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”


I’m on panic. I put down the last glass and took the cold water from the fridge.




My father called. What’s up with that?


“Mr. Soo-man wants to hear you sing. If possible.”


No way. I am not going to sing ever again. It is one of the most embarrassing moments I had so there is no way that I’m going to repeat that.




This is the first time I’ve heard Mr. Lee Soo-man speak in English. His voice gives of a loving tune but still firm and strict. But Gosh. No way. But he… aww. I don’t know… I guess I’ll give it a try?


“Can we eat first? You know, honey; Kim should eat first before singing.”


“Good point. Gentlemen, let’s eat.”


There is silence when we all eat. Mom put out chopsticks for the guests to use but Mr. Soo-man didn’t use it. Instead, he tried to use the fork and spoon I prepared for everyone. When everybody finished eating, mom signaled me to take the plates to the sink. She entertained the guest while I do the dishes.


Then, Mr. Soo-man got a call from someone. His tone didn’t changed and it is calm than the voice he used earlier. I guess it is his talents who called.


He called Mr. Shin out and by that, they bid my father goodbye.


“It’s a very good food we ate. Thank you for the dinner. Mr. Tan, I shall call you tomorrow morning for the arrangements. Dear Kim, I’m looking forward for your singing.”

“Good night Mr. Soo-man, Mr. Shin. Please take care.”


And then, they’re gone.


My dad smiled and hugged me.


“Do you know that Mr. Soo-man accepted the deal because of you? It is because he sees his talents being with you make them a totally different person. You did it Kim. I’m so proud of you.”


Wait wait wait. What did I do? I didn’t do anything. How can I affect such a prominent person if I’m just being me?


“Okay? What did I just do?”

“Never mind that honey, tomorrow, don’t go to school. Clean the other rooms. It would be perfect for them to live here.”

“Mom I don’t have school tomorrow.”

“Even more perfect! That is your task.”

“Why me?? That’s my break!”

“Nah… You will enjoy this… besides… Its Dong Bang Shin Ki.”

‘Dong Bang what???’


With that, I cleaned myself and drifted to sleep.




Hi y'all!

Hi there! I'm Kim Hyowook and obviously, I'm new to this site. 

The reason why I registered here is that I'm trying my luck to come across the real SUPER JUNIOR or DBSK. 

They said that Leeteuk of Super Junior had an account here. I just don't know if its true. I badly want to talk to them. I can't say I'm a HUGE FAN but I am a fan.

Actually, I shouldn't have done that if I didn't get addicted to Korean bands. Well, the destiny is playing with me and Korean bands got a space in my heart. I was never a korean addict because I'm more focused on my everyday Anime. Anime is what I have loved for 17 years and it is still what I love. 

But when I got curious of what my classmaes are gossiping about, I learned of Super Junior. Kim Heechul (Heenim, Cinderella) is my first crush. He seems so funny and yet so sarcastic. He also got the 'I'm-the-prettiest-person-in-the-whole-world' attitude but hey, he got what it takes...

MY classmates are arguing about who gets who and Kim Heechul got snatched by my imouto. I got depressed (a lil bit) and gave up on Heechul. After that, I tried to look for other members and some of them got my eyes. They are the ff:

Park Jung-su (Leeteuk)
Lee Donghae 
Cho Kyuhyun
Kim Yesung
Lee Sungmin
Kim Ryeowook

then, my kohai, Ana-chan introduced Dong Bang Shin Ki to the class. She did it because we are in need of a dance music and DBSK's Purple Line is the perfect audio. I learned about them and I suddenly liked Kim Jaejoong (although I was confused because in a site, his name is Youngwoong Jaejoong). He's like Heechul. He looks like a girl. 

When I returned to Phils, (I lived in Abu Dhabi for 3 years and in my 2nd year there, I learned of koreans and stuff) I entered the UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS in College of Fine Arts and Design, major in Advertising. I met a girl named Loui and she is a major major MAJOR fan of DBSK. When I talk to her, 21/5, all of what we're going to talk about is Anime, Dongbang, Suju and Korea (depends if I can squeeze Japan and other bands). 

Then, I later fell in love with Jung Yunho. I don't know why. I know it's ridiculous to fall in love with someone you don't see everyday or even talk on chat. I just did. I'm not paranoid to tell him how much I love him but I just do. I decided to take some pictures on the net. I'm amazed on how he handles his co-members without being so stiff with them. 

He can be a pretty good father-figure and an oppa-figure to everyone.  I just hope I can talk to him, sing with him or just dance with him. Its pretty much ok for me. 

I hope they do a concert in Philippines. MY friends and I will totally watch it personally. I want to see Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin in the Philippines and I hope it happens..

~> hey guys.. I'm going to post my story here. Care to comment on it? thanks!